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I was
scared of
my flaws
until I

Your touch
ignited a
spark of confidence
that was
dull and

I found
new me,
a passionate hipster
of ingenious
rule-breaking odds.

My scars
are my
flaunting badges
I am so
proud of.

made me
what I
regretted for
so long.

And, I am
forever grateful
that the universe
let the odds
count in
my favour.

The precious
thing I
ever own
is just
you, and

Non-fiction Writing


Book 1

Author: Sripremraj Sinnaiah

Format: Kindle

eISBN: 978-1-64850-863-9

Pages: 135

This book definitely serves as an impressive and practical approach to reviving our current lifestyle and overall wellness.

We have advanced ourselves every way possible but ignored our natural and biological systems. Technologically we have come so far, but mentally and physically we lag behind. This book will give you an insight into wellness and health.

Health is the single most important thing a person should be looking at any point of life. The author has provided a concept-wise retrospective approach to longevity based on examples and knowledge acquired from various medical studies backed up by researchers and his own experiences.

The whole book is decked up with eye-opening facts, comparative analysis and core information of the general principles of health and wellness. I really love the tabular comparisons, charts and quotes presented by the author for a better understanding of the underlying concepts. Takeaways are embedded at the end of every chapter as reminders.

The language is super easy and various topics like techniques of breathing, water, food, mindset and emotions, relationships, habits, etc are covered.

I literally love this book. It is thought-provoking and quite informative. It has blown up my mind. Highly recommended.

Non-fiction Writing


Part: 2

Author: Ig Oliver

Format: PDF

This book is a sequel to part one. The story takes further twists and turns from here.

Bee, the butterfly lady is in the lead role. A few more fascinating characters are introduced in the story which make it more intriguing.

In this part, Bee begins to understand who she actually is. In this journey, she met some dark forces who want to snatch away the golden pollen crystal from her.

The story becomes more eventful. There is an element of magic, happiness and adventure. Bee discovers the powers within her.

Will she be able to handle all those powers? Will she be able to fight those dark forces and protect that pollen crystal?

The character development is done well. The language is easy to understand and the narration is good. The illustrations inserted between the story are beautiful and give you a glimpse of the incident or characters. The author has succeeded in providing details of every character. This is an adventurous bedtime story and children will surely enjoy reading it.

Picture: @thewritingstroll
Non-fiction Writing


Walking on his footprints,
I get to find a new way.
Less travelled and full of hardships,
It takes sacrifices.
I thought it would be entertaining,
But It let me down.
All I was left with the dilemmas of life,
And it made me heartthrob.
I wasn’t sure at all,
That how he can be such great.
How does he manage?
When his pockets aren’t weighed.
A creator of our luxury,
Who himself isn’t rich at all.
Day and night, dawn and dusk,
Pushes himself beyond his limits
He is a superhero, he is a father,
Who dedicates his life in making our dreams.


Words and artwork: @thewritingstroll
Non-fiction Writing


Author: Ig Oliver

Format: Kindle

This is part one of the story. The book is a short read of a few hours. It is a children’s book and the author had set up the plot of a beautiful garden in the countryside.

The story is about the beautiful butterfly, the Bee Lady who met a bee, Bramley. The bee was shouldered with the responsibility of protecting her 91 children from her twin sister, Sindeena.

Sindeena and Belliza were the daughters of the Queen of the dragonflies. They went in an argument because of the discovery of golden pollens and since then parted their ways.
What happens next? Will Sindeena find her sister’s babies? For more, you have to read the book.

The book is written in a simple language which can be easily understood by the children. The story has a magical fictional touch to it. There are cute little pictures included in between the story. To make the story more interesting, the author has added ‘Z’ at the end of every word to make it sound like the language of bees. The imagery created here is so beautiful. The character development is done well.

Overall, it is a perfect bedtime story.

Picture: @thewritingstroll

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Non-fiction Writing


Author: Aditya Choudhary

Format: Kindle

‘Believe the Make-Believe’  is a collection of 76 unique poems written over a period of five years. The poems are penned down in the journey of self-exploration via experiences of life and experimenting with the same.

The author has taken the inspiration from the variety of people he crossed paths with and created it in marvellous compositions. He expresses that our perspectives change according to the circumstances and people we met.

Most of the poems are written in free verses. The author has presented various emotions like hope, love, betrayal, eagerness, music, childhood, dreams, care, letting go, desires, etc. in his poems. At some places, you will surely be able to connect yourself with these verses. There is an urge to discover something within yourself in his writings.

My favourite poetry among all were “Been A Man” (poetry which is written from the perspective of a girl whose father wanted a boy child) and “Believe the make-believe”. These poems touched my heart.

The vocabulary used here is easy to understand and the cover is really attractive. The author has beautifully penned down his life experiences and sentiments. This is really a wonderful collection of new generation poetry. The book really has the potential to engage the readers.
Non-fiction Writing


Author: Pooja Rai

Format: Kindle

This pandemic has made our daily lives really tough and depressed especially for the kids it is difficult to cope up with their enthusiastic aura.

Extraordinary’ is a book of hope with cute and colourful illustrations depicting the guidelines for the ongoing pandemic and new habits to include in our daily routines. It tells about the basic steps in a fun way like poems on washing hands, staying calm, etc. which your children will definitely understand and inculcate in an easy fun way.

The illustrations are done beautifully. The book is really a short read of five minutes. Your children will really enjoy reading this cute little book. I will definitely recommend this to everyone.

Picture: @thewritingstroll

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Non-fiction Writing


Author: Sonia Sahijwani

Format: Kindle

This book is a collection of six unpredictable mind-blowing stories providing the glimpse of a legal professional’s life.

The protagonist, Sia has recently graduated in law. She has no family background in the legal profession. She explores usual and incidental opportunities in the legal profession. It narrates usual and memorable incidents of the courtroom drama with the dash of satire.

Every story is titled under a legal maxim giving a snippet of the plot. These stories are based on true incidents of the author’s life. Her struggles as a legal intern and advocate are penned well.

My favourite stories were:
•Behind those dark shades
•99 v/s Ninyanve
•Qaidi No. 90

Besides the language being technically legal, is east to understand by a layman. The narration is done well. The stories are unpredictable and quite informative about our legal system and procedures. One can get to know about some of the legal terms and processes.

It is a short read and one can complete it within a couple of hours.

Overall, the book was a pretty decent read.
Non-fiction Writing

The Beauty Of Life

//The beauty of life is measured by the hardships of the trap we admire to reach. A trap to conquer our dreams. A trap to success. A trap to be trapped in the sentimental circumstances
The track of life’s game is infinite.

The rushers rush in search of the end, but the achievers are directed towards their motives. The winner here, is the loser and the loser here, is the winner in the real sense.

The fundamental principle of life is “the more you lose, the more you push yourself to achieve”. A game with reverse rules is played with the zeal to attain the meaning of life.//